Barge Repair and Conversion

  • Barge Repairs

The facilities at C&C Marine and Repair includes approximately 3,200 linear feet of water frontage. As well as a land-based repair area capable of holding and servicing eight (8) standard inland barges at any one time.  The facilities at C&C Marine allow for numerous barge repair and conversion projects of various sizes and complexities to be performed simultaneously.  C&C Marine can also assist its customers with appropriate ABS or USCG inspections and certifications.

Typical barge repair projects performed by C&C Marine include:

  • Topside Repair
  • Hull Damage Repairs
  • Internal Structural Exam (ISE) repairs
  • Hull Re-siding
  • Barge Blasting and Painting
  • Bottom Replacement
  • Piping Repairs and Modifications
  • Single-hull vessel to double-hull vessel conversions
  • Barge Modifications (e.g. splitting, shorten or lengthen, widen or narrow)
  • Cargo Tank Repairs and Modifications
  • Specialized Projects
  • Barge Coatings and Tank Liners