C&C Marine and Repair, LLC has been building support vessels and components for the dredging industry since the shipyard opened in 1997.  What started as repairs to existing dredges slowly evolved into the fabrication of hopper barges, deck barges, anchor barges, supply barges, and idler barges for various customers in the dredging industry.  Since 2018, C&C Marine and Repair, LLC has completed construction of two (2) new build cutterhead suction dredges.

C&C Marine completed construction of the J.S. Chatry, a 30-inch Cutterhead Suction Dredge, for Weeks Marine in the first quarter of 2019.  The 22,000 HP dredge measured 310’ x 72’ x 17’, and was equipped with five (5) fuel-efficient, Tier IV diesel engines.  C&C Marine’s modular build strategy reduced the project’s construction schedule by several months.  C&C Marine was also able to fabricate and outfit a significant portion of the house, while simultaneously running all piping systems and equipment within the hull of the dredge.  Further, since the dredge barge and house were fabricated indoors, there were no weather delays during construction. The barge (hull) was then floated in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (Algiers Canal) and the house was lifted and fitted onto the barge.  This process expedited the construction schedule and allowed Weeks Marine to compete the electrical and outfitting of the vessel prior to launch.  By working with the customer and developing innovative strategies and solutions throughout the building process, C&C Marine and Repair maintained an aggressive construction timeline and Weeks Marine was able to put the J.S. Chatry to work as soon as possible.

C&C Marine and Repair also delivered the General MacArthur, a 32-inch Cutterhead Suction Dredge, to Callan Marine in the first Quarter of 2020.  The 24,000 HP Diesel-Electric powered dredge, measuring 290’ x 72’ 16’, is certified as an ABS All-Ocean-classed vessel.  C&C Marine and Repair was able to deliver the completed dredge in just under 16 months.  Just as with the build strategy used on the J.S. Chatry, much of the house was fabricated and outfitted while the piping systems and equipment were installed throughout the hull of the dredge.  Again, the barge (hull) was floated in the Algiers Canal and the house was lifted and fitted in place.

Throughout the building process on both projects, C&C Marine and Repair worked closely with the customer to provide innovative solutions and increase efficiency throughout the building process.