New Construction – Marine Vessel Fabrication

In addition to its barge fabrication and repair capabilities, C&C Marine also employs a dedicated staff of professionals for the construction of various marine vessels, including inland and offshore tug boats, offshore supply vessels, dredges and other self-propelled marine vessels.

New vessel construction is performed in an isolated fabrication bay that allows for the fabrication of vessels of up to 320-ft in length to be accomplished completely indoors.  C&C Marine’s in-house staff of marine architects and designers utilizes comprehensive 3-D modeling of the vessels and all internal components prior to and throughout construction, and its team of highly-skilled and experienced welders and fitters are able to efficiently construct the vessels in a timely manner.

Throughout fabrication, C&C Marine’s staff works in close coordination with representatives of the United States Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping to ensure compliance with all regulatory guidelines.