Work Force

Unlike many other shipyards, C & C Marine employs a team comprised of regular, full-time employees, including welders, fitters, and painters, which assures maximum production efficiency. As a result, C & C Marine has the resources and facilities to ensure that projects are completed within the necessary time constraints.

C & C Marine employs five (5) full-time engineers/architects along with designers to assist customers with their design requirements, ranging from new plans and specifications to modifications of existing vessels. C&C Marine also retains hydraulic technicians on staff to assist with any equipment needs.

Safety is always of the utmost concern at C & C Marine. In an effort to minimize accidents, our safety coordinators and supervisors continually train our employees on safety measures and potential risks and hazards, and they are constantly monitoring worksites to ensure compliance with safety procedures.  Additionally, C & C Marine periodically enlists third-party safety consultants and auditors to identify potential problems, for which supplemental procedures are implemented.  As a result, C&C Marine operates with an exemplary safety record and with minimal incident-related delays.

C&C Marine technicians are certified for Coast Guard and ABS work.